Are you seeking deeper meaning in your life? Are you stressed and ready for a change? Tired of being in both physical or emotional pain? Phyllis Livera can help you move your life forward.

Life in this world is not getting easier. It certainly seems like everything is coming at us faster. Even when you are not working, life is pretty stressful. Looking for a way of transforming your life so that your relationships are more harmonious and your life more full of joy and peace?

Perhaps energy healing or intuitive reading can give you the answers you seek. Angelic Healing LLC is dedicated to helping the individual to heal emotionally as well as physically, using tried-and-true techniques that have been helping people like you for thousands of years. Our treatments work well with medical and psychological care and best of all, there are no side effects!

For clients who are ready to changes their lives, we also offer advanced spiritual training. These classes have been helping people live more productive, happier lives.

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