Sacred Geometry Series

The sacred geometry series is a step by step process of learning how to utilize the three sacred tools of creation. 

Sacred Geometry 2 provides you with tools and a set of healing crystals that you learn to use to

1.  Create a sacred and protected space

2    Increase your connectivity with Source and the Light

3.  Expand your consciousness and increase your joy and abundance

4.  Be one and able to provide this skill to others and begin a practice.

Requirements:  A  Life Activation and Initiation . You may ask ” Why Initiation?”  

There will be times when the space you wish to crystal grid may need more than crystal gridding and requires a house blessing or more intense work.

Once you’re initiated you will access to a guide and be able to elicit their assistance with situations that you may encounter. Also initiation will provide you protection so that if you enter an eerie situation you are protected and will recognize the situation as needing advanced energetic assistance.

Sacred Geometry 3  In this one day seminar you provided with advanced tools to enable you to heal yourself and others through crystals and also through Egyptian rites that clear your aura and assist you in healing your and your clients’ energetic fields.

You can utilize these tools on yourself .

Requirements :  Life Activation, Initiation and Healers’ Academy

Sacred Geometry IV .  This seminar is a sacred handing down of sacred temples that each has a unique part in providing protection and healing within your practice .  

Requirements:  Life Activation, Initiation and Healers’ Academy