Stress Management and Why Attend My Seminar on Stress Rescue

Stress occurs from any stimuli that elicits a sense of dread, fear, anxiety and also a physical reaction such as increased heart rate and respiration rate, insomnia, nightmares and many other symptoms.

We all have everyday stressors such as being in a job you don’t enjoy.  A boss that always is pressuring you to perform unreasonable tasks. 

Parenting has many stressors:  the need to discipline your child can be stressful. A single mother that needs to financially support her children and at times pay for a caregiver to watch over them when she is required to work late or attend a function or any numerous circumstances.

Stress if ongoing can lead to ill health, mental illness, disease states and lowered vitality .

If not effectively dealt with you will be living in a constant wheel that replays over and over and leads to illness, decreased productivity at work or at home, depression and isolation.

So you ask me : “How do I effectively deal with stress and destress ?”  What you need to do the following you can research and deal with it on your own;  but depending on the stressors you need someone who’s there for you.  Who understands the situation and can advise an provide you with effective tools that you utilize to release stress.iIn my one day seminar :  ” Stress Rescue”  you will leafrn effective and simple tools that you can confidently make a part of your daily routine.

You also can consult with me and discuss your progress.

Now the gem of these tools is that once you effectively incorporate them into your life you will experience joy, passion, vitality and know and desire more.  Because there is more in life and in the teachings I can offer you to become the empowered and find your joy and what your passion and true purpose is in life.