The Value of Life Activation and Initiation October 5, 2019

Why is it that man /woman needs miracles to believe ? and then there are those that despite it

all do not believe?

These and many of these thoughts and questions have I pondered on. It is so easy today to be

absorbed in technology and not recognize the beauty of nature, our planet and all the creature

whether big or small for their reminder that it was a higher power vibration sound that created

this earth its inhabitants animal mineral vegetable and entomologic,

it seems that man/woman struggles with their own perception of who they truly are never quite

understanding the uniqueness of what they have and how they can change the world around


There are many theories principles that have been discovered by man/ woman and then they

are presented to us in a public forum… but ironically this is knowledge man/woman inherently

has within their soul and so why is it they do not remember it?

That is where life activation and initiation come in here’s my story…

anyhow seriously I was psych major prior to becoming a surgical trauma ICU nurse and then a

liver transplant coordinator. I am a testament that people with some type of learning and spatial

misalignment are changed by these healings. I would not be doing this if I personally had not

seen improvements. I know I had told you that it takes about 7 yrs to integrate the life

activation. Here’s my personal testament: I had been given massive doses of cortisone via

injection from birth because I had an unusual burn like all over my skin. The doctors were

baffled did not know what to do so cortisone was the solution. Now miind you there are side

effects to cortisone… I had them I had massive setbacks with schooling from constantly getting

ear infections and strep infections then given PEN injections.. these were the old fashioned

needles pure steel with long needles . Need I tell you very painful. This ensued till I was 7 yrs

old and I almost died from scartlet fever and yes I actually did see and hear do I want to die or

stay and I stayed. Then I had weight problems and that continued till the age of 30 when I just

prayed really hard and long to the Blessed Mother to help me with this problem. It was yrs but

did resolve itself gradually.

Anyhow I could go on and on… and even in my nursing career and schooling I did have learning

difficulties. Schedules that were written with checks and blank spaces I never could seem to get

it right and misunderstood the check to stand for come to work vs blank no attendance and

messed myself up and the staff often but was able to show up on time but most embarrasing ..

then with parking in the parking lot I had a hard time judging where and how to manuever

between two cars cause I could not perceive the distance and spatial configuration. Then once

I got life activated things shifted these problems disappeared and even with reading I was faster

and got things right away while in the past I could not have fun and then learn … I was

constantly hitting the books writing things down to remember them,

well besides all of this there are a myriad of other things I could cite in how my life has improved

even if it does not fully reflect to the world a most successful entrepreneurial woman.

So here’s the flyer ….

Also because of my educational struggles and interpersonal I decided to become a Mini Me

Yoga Ambassador because I see the value of these workshops for everyone and for the children

it changes their lives !!!

I must really say with all the personal struggles a great deal of joy comes knowing that as I

engage and interact with other people I learn about their own personal struggles and the

victories they have achieved. The bottom line is everyone has his/her story it’s all about what

you do with it what you make of it that counts. Do you find joy in what you do? Have you made

a difference in someone’s life? if you were to die today would you be certain that you would

enter The Pearlie Gates of Heaven or whatever your belief system is : the Halls of Valhalla,


its the fruits of our labor that counts if your tree bears ripened fruit good for the pickings then

you create a positive environment for yourself and those around you and it in turn spirals up

affecting all…

So That’s my story…call me or reach out to me by e-mail or Facebook…Let’s make the world a

better place for all to live in peace and harmony for all.