Meditation Classes

Stress Management

Teaches you basic skills to manage stress and reduce its effects in your life. It helps you how to be healthier, happier, and
more productive and free

Meditation Classes 25.00 At the Door


Sanctuary Meditation

During this foundational class you will learn to open up your 5 senses, chakras, traveling into the Light while anchoring and bringing your Sanctuary to life. This sanctuary will also be your starting point from which you will take your shamanic journeys to meet your Higher Self.
You will learn to receive messages from your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guardians. This is one of the most important classes in meditation that I offer as it will help you create a sacred space in your meditation where you can meditate more deeply and connect with your guides.

Meditation Classes 25.00 At the Door


Max Meditation

Welcome to the Max Meditation System™ where you will learn how to truly meditate. This system is a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mental acrobatics with modern techniques of psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It was developed by Gudni Gudnason who has traveled around the world for 35 years exploring phenomena of the mind. He acquired the knowledge of ancient meditation methods from prominent teachers in India and Tibet and received degrees in NLP and Psychology in Europe. 

Some benefits of Meditation:

– Reduced stress and tension
– Physical and emotion pain reduction
– Gain clarity and focus of your thoughts
– Happiness and peace of mind
– Spontaneity and creativity
– Detachment of situations – Less drama
– Builds self confidence
– Enhances energy, strength and vigor
– Learn to know thyself
– Discover your purpose of life
– Increases levels of Serotonin, combating depression, insomnia and headaches, while elevating moods 
– Creates a state of deep relaxation and feeling of well being
– And much, much more!

Meditation Classes 25.00 At the Door